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Florida PAC uses a "train the trainer" process to assist organizations with developing a team of leaders comfortable with assisting and guiding their own members through the legislative process and throughout the year while developing relationships with policy makers at all levels.

We offer training sessions throughout the year in Tallahassee and around the state

How the legislative process works

How to advocate on behalf of your community

How to redirect the conversation to achieve the goals of your community

We help community members connect the dots

Between local, state, and federal issues

Between substantive policy issues and the budget

Between our tax structure, the budget, and policy issues

We assist with navigating the Legislative Session

The nuances of individual legislators

Power dynamics

Individual pieces of legislation and how/where to influence them

How to navigate the functional details of the Florida Legislature

Stay informed:

Follow the Florida Legislature and bills of interest

(Click images for links to the Florida Senate and the Florida House of Representatives)

Florida House of Representatives

Florida Senate



Our Issues

Florida PAC trains advocates on poverty, fairness, and equality: social and economic justice.


Medicaid & Children's Health

Quality, affordable coverage

Care for all people

Immigration & Refugees

Welcoming all people to our state and working to ensure their rights regardless of immigration status

Immigration & Refugees (Cont.)

Comprehensive immigration reform

Human & civil rights

Farmworker issues

Living wages & safe working conditions

Affordable housing & quality public education

Programs designed to lift people out of poverty

Modernizing our outdated tax system to ensure that the third largest state in the nation (Florida) has an adequate and fair tax structure that supports the programs and services needed for a strong and fair economy for all Floridians

Criminal & Juvenile Justice

Ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and fairness

Community issues related to the aforementioned


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