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The Center

The Center

The base for all of Florida PAC's activities

The Center is a 12,000 sq. ft. red brick building with 2 stories and 41 rooms. Located just 1 mile from the Florida Capitol and 2 blocks from the Governor's Mansion, it's a hub from which stakeholders advocating for social and economic justice in communities throughout the state may work. It's also a place where those advocates and stakeholders can stay when they travel to the state capital, especially during Legislative Session. The building is on the edge of the historic Frenchtown neighborhood, a culturally beautiful area that offers access to local flavor for advocates coming from other communities. When a march to the Capitol is called for, there is a straight, flat journey through a community of interest affording groups an opportunity to engage local activists in their mission.  Florida State University and Florida A&M University are also near by.


The Center's dozens of rooms include a full kitchen, a laundry room, several conference size rooms, four handicap-accessible bathrooms, and showers. The facility also has two wings with separate entrances and a large, open carpeted space between those wings.


The diverse groups who utilize the Center discover a wealth of resources and uses here. Office space, lodging for partners in FL PAC's mission, training rooms, and conference rooms are all available to support the work we and our partners do. Click here to learn more about rentals at the Center.


A common, safe place where social and economic justice advocates can gather, collaborate, and strategize together: that's the Center.

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